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Benefits of Med Marijuana Products:

  • They are of the healthiest oil found on the planet (you can live on the oil with nothing else but water).

  • They are extreme immune system boosters and assist with pain and inflammation.

  • They are 100% Canadian grown and processed proprietary crops for medicinal purposes only (not to be confused with industrial hemp).

  • They are Federally legal, Health Canada approved, and veterinary approved.

  • They are organic and non-GMO.

  • They are free of gluten, sugar, salt, pesticides, and herbicides.

  • They are free of psychoactive and psychedelic properties.

  • They are dose adjustable based on individual needs.

  • They will not cause side affects and won't interfere with medications.

  • They are beneficial for children, as well as small and large animals (due to non-detectable/trace amounts of THC).

  • They are a vegan food source (except for the Medi-Munchies and Mini-Munchies for pets, which have added beef liver sprinkles).

  • They are all "human grade".